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Custard-Filled Eclairs

Like everthing at Kohnen’s, our yummy eclairs are made from scratch. First the eclair shell is made and piped out of a pastry bag into strips to be baked. Once cooled each eclair is individually filled with our secret Kohnen's custard recipe and dipped in melted milk chocolate. The final touch is the white ganache fanned over the top to resemble stripes.

Once completed, our eclairs are immediately placed in our refrigerated store showcase for display and sale at $3.25 each. They are a good size and can be a dessert for two... unless it’s one of those days where you just don’t feel like sharing!

Try our yummy good eclairs today!

Custard-Filled Eclair

The Poor Boy Sandwich

A family business can mean many things. Different family members contribute in different ways. This story is about how my Dad “Pops” discovered a Deli 25 years ago and found a very unique sandwich called The Poor Boy. This sandwich was so big it would feed him, my younger sister and I. Now Pops is a hard worker and a big eater.

This Deli was located on the edge of town amongst wrecking yards and big machinery equipment lots. One step inside was a sea of baseball caps, blue jeans and dirty work shirts. Pop would walk in with his two young daughters. One look at the man behind the counter and he knew what we wanted to eat, The Poor Boy. My sister and I weren't asked what we wanted, we knew to sit down and wait for whatever was coming our way.

Apoor Boy Thumbsup
Poor Boy Sandwich
Poor Boy1
Poor Boy Sandwich
Poor Boy2
Poor Boy Sandwich
Poor Boy

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